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Apr 27

Thala Ajith fans on his birthday Celebration

Come May 1, Ajith fans have reasons more than one to celebrate. They are already in seventh heaven after it was announced last week that Ajith’s 25 film Amarkalam, a silver jubilee hit, will be released in selected screens all over Tamil Nadu. The digitally restored version of the film will hit the screens on …

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Aug 19

Arrambam will be Action unlimited – Director Vishnuvardhan

The long-awaited announcement that Ajith’s multi-starrer is to be titled Arrambam has come at a time when the film is almost complete. The immediate question that arose after the announcement was what did this “beginning” refer to? “We didn’t want an extravagant title. I could have just named the film ‘Thala’, but I knew it …

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Aug 07

Arrambam is Contemporary and Stylish – Director Vishnuvardhan

Q: What are the pressures involved in directing a mass hero like Ajith? A: I thoroughly enjoy working with an actor like Ajith. We are friends at the first place. When I started my career as assistant director in Asoka I got acquainted with Ajith. The rapport between us is very comfortable. Ajith is an …

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Jul 31

Director Vishnuvardhan speaks about ‪Arrambam‬

Ajith plays the central character with an characterization of a valiant warrior. Arya and Nayanthara play important characters that circle around Ajith. * Ajith sir is on his popular salt and pepper get up of ‘Mankaatha’. In fact i had requested Ajith sir to introduce that get up in my film only but Venkat prabhu …

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Jul 31

Director Vishnuvardhan’s Interview Arrambam

ஷ்ணுவர்த்தனின் பேட்டி ‘ஆரம்பம்.’  இயக்குனர் விஷ்ணுவர்த்தன் பொதுவாக  தான் பேசுவதை விட தன்  படம் பேசுவதே தனக்கு  பெருமை என கூறுபவர் .ஆனால் சமீபமாக .அஜீத் குமார் , ஆர்யா, நயன்தாரா  நடிப்பில் உருவாகும் ஆரம்பம் திரை படத்தின் படப்பிடிப்பு முடிவடைந்ததை ஒட்டி அவர் தந்த பேட்டி இதோ !!! ‘ஆரம்பம்’  என்ற தலைப்பு எல்லோரையும்   கவர்ந்துள்ளது . இந்த தலைப்புக்கான தாமதம் திட்டமிடப்பட்டது அல்ல. ஆனால் இந்த வரவேற்பு கிடைக்க அந்த தாமதமும் ஒரு காரணம் என்பதும் மகிழ்ச்சிக்குரிய விஷயம்தான் …

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Mar 20

Director Vishnuvardhan Speaks About Latest Happenings Of His Upcoming Flick With Ajith By STAR

Notable Points : 1. Not doing “RACE” remake. 2. Scripting is going on. Once its over, they will officially announce the project. 3. SUBA is assisting Vishnuvardhan in penning the script. 4. Music is being done by Yuvan Shankar Raja. 5. As Nirav is busy with other projects, he will not handle cinematography. P.S.Vinod (cameraman …

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